Acrylic Impression by Symbolize It

Displaying your photos on Acrylic gives your photos remarkable luminance and optical depth. Mounting on Acrylic, often referred to as Plexiglas, allows you to accentuate the depth of field of your images. The acrylic glass surface protects your picture from damaging UV rays, leaving color photographs shining for decades to come. Acrylic is a polymer called poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA). Acrylic is clear and durable. Acrylic is also much lighter and more robust than standard glass; helping prevent damage to your images and making it easier to hang on your wall. The edges of our prints are smoothly cut using state of the art Trotec CO2-Laser technology – precision work in the size of your choice.

Your image will be printed directly onto the underside of the polished, premium, brand-name acrylic glass (acrylic impressions) and then mounted on a sturdy foam board. Prints behind acrylic that don’t have this base can lose shape, allow light through, and develop a number of other problems when hung. Printing on a second surface (back side) gives your high resolution image a great display. Perfect for photographers and everyday people with the desire to have a high quality image on display. Affordable and elegant this process is the best way to present your photography and art at its best.


Acrylic Glass Impressions